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Mathilde Moyell
Sustainability Expert

“The future of the planet is dependent on people who have the courage to change their lives “

6 years ago I did exactly this. With courage, I made a professional decision: to dedicate my working hours to delivering daily content on wellbeing and sustainability - and more importantly - the link between the two. In my start-up, orgayana, I worked with specialists in the field to make sure my readers received expert advice, and did talks & workshops.

A lot has happened since then. A pandemic. Stress numbers are at an all-time high. Kids suffering from wellbeing challenges. Wars. A planet reacting visibly to climate change with floods and droughts.

Our planet is not well and neither are we. But now, research, voices, and movements around the world are finally joining in and realizing what is becoming more and more apparent: For us to save the planet, we need to save ourselves first.

Since orgayana  I’ve dug deeper, in order to explore and find out how we really do this in practice. I earned many certificates, I did a lot of research and I worked alongside incredibly knowledgeable people with a similar mission.

Now, I’m ready to share all this knowledge. To - literally - help people become sustainable from the inside and out through the use of simple, but extremely effective tools.
This I do by working through 5 layers: the body, energy, mind, intuition, and consciousness.  
I call this: 

The Inner Sustainability Framework.

I'm available for talks, workshops, and consultations. This can be customized to your company's needs - covering 1 or all 5 layers, with everything from a one-off talk to weekly sessions/consultation work in Danish or English.

Look forward to changing our wellbeing and the state of the planet, one layer at a time.

What is Inner Sustainability?

In modern society, we seem to have lost connection to our Earth and forgotten that our wellbeing and sustaining our planet are not two separate things. We are nature. Our wellbeing affects the planet and vice versa, so by working on our inner well-being, we contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable world.


For several years, my professional journey has revolved around well-being and sustainability, but while the guidance on external sustainability has proven invaluable, I often met individuals grappling with feelings of guilt and climate anxiety. In their belief, they could and should be doing more to make a positive impact. In response to this need, I embarked on a journey of exploration to discern what it would take for us, as human beings, to genuinely grasp the significance of change from the inside and out. After an extensive period of research and practical endeavors, I formed: "The Inner Sustainability Framework."





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