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the sustainable mindset

creating a mindset that

will transform your wellbeing 

Mathilde Moyell
Sustainability Mindset Expert

"2023 is about 'Life-Work' balance", a scientist recently predicted. For me, a goal, I work hard on implementing for leaders and employees as head of NAYA Business Wellbeing.

Throughout my career, my work has been to inspire, educate and activate people into improving their lifestyles to become more healthy and sustainable. Whether it was when I created lifestyle platform Orgayana with the purpose of guiding readers into understanding how we can help our planet by putting our own health first. Or when I turned storytelling into actionable tools, using neuro coaching in order for clients to achieve a more sustainable mindset. Now, my focus is primarily well-being in the workplace as well as advising on holistic sustainability practices.

Reach out if you are interested in corporate consulting, talks, workshops, or 1-1in order to improve and implement a sustainable "life-work" balance and wellbeing in your company.

What is a sustainable mindset?

I have worked with health and sustainability for many years and while communicating tips and tricks on what to do, I often found that the advice would be helpful, but often not enough for a sustainable change in people's lifestyles. I started to dig into what we as humans could do for our initiatives, routines, and habits to actually stick, and my research and study always took me back to the Mind. 


One of my main tools in working with the mind is Neuro training. A method that was introduced to athletes 40 years ago to optimize their physical performance through a change in their mindset. The method can be applied to any individual, group, or company that has the wish to make changes to habits and routines and achieve a goal or transformation with their wellbeing. The Neuro-training method has shown impressive results that can be easily maintained and sustained with little practice.


If you imagine our wellbeing is a stack of pebbles, with the sustainable mindset method, mental wellbeing is the core, base-'pebble' that needs to be stable in order to add any other initiatives or new habits. Then, we can add the physical, emotional, social, financial, environmental, and social wellbeing 'pebbles' to the stack.  To make sure you or your company's wellbeing journey will be one that will actually last, I always work with mental wellbeing as one of the core foundations in my coaching and consulting. 



1-1 Coaching or Consultations

It has been a pleasure to be a client with Mathilde. Mathilde asks to the point questions that hits the spot every time. She is great at making sure you find the answers in yourself, so you get to really feel what is right and explain it with your own words. 



I like Mathilde's "no BS" way to coach. She is present, real and understanding and is great keeping her advice to herself, but making me dig deeper to find the answers.


I love Mathilde's radiation, lively expression and engagement. Her proffesionalism, knowledge and use of relevant tools has been amazing for me to explore my goals and how to get th.



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