My Background

My life has always been full of adventure, but also challenges. For many years I worked as a journalist, traveled, and lived around the world while becoming a mum of 3 beautiful children.


Amazing years, but also with a few scars mentally and physically, that made me seek out tools to help the recovery and to find balance in my own life. And although these experiences have played a part in paving my own journey, it has the added benefit that I often identify with my client. I've also personally tried and tested all the tools that I offer, when I seek to help my clients find balance in themselves, their family, or their work.

In the last part of my 7 years in Singapore, I founded orgayana, with the aim to help inform the Asian population on how to live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through this work, I became increasingly interested in the connection between the two and how we can improve our mindset to make the necessary changes in our lives. I consequently educated myself further, in order to professionally help individuals and companies find their balance and develop a sustainable mindset, both inside and out.


My Approach

I work from the inside and out, or as my logo illustrates, from the base and up. Whether it's with a 1-1 client, a family/group, or a company, I always start from the base - the mindset - to make sure we are working with a strong foundation.

I coach to identify the challenges and needs and use neuro techniques to move forward towards goals and transformation.

If requested, I  also consult on my areas of expertise within health and sustainability - and of course - how our mindset plays an essential role as the foundation for every other element that comes into play.

Stone Tower
Stone Tower

My Expertise

ICI Certified Coach
w. Mitzi Svenstrup, Empowermind, Denmark

Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant
w. Maria Juhl, Nordic Ayurveda, Denmark

Certified Neurocoach and Mind Trainer
w. Jørgen Svenstrup, Empowermind, Denmark

Certified in Anti-inflammatory & Intelligent Food
w. Louise Bruun, Louise Bruun’s Academy, Denmark

Certified Yoga Teacher Trainer (200 hr)
w. Briohny Smyth, Aligned Yoga, USA

Student in Skincare Herbalism Mentorship
w. Militza Maury, Little Green Dot Herb House, USA

Low Tox Coach Student
w. Alexx Stuart, Low Tox Method, Australia

Green Educator
w. Green Educator Course Team, Green School, Bali Indonesia


And also….:

Mini-MBA (IME, Singapore)
MA in Journalism & English (Roskilde University, Denmark)
BA (Hons) Communication & Media and Cultural Studies (Middlesex University, UK)


Shorter courses: Reiki 1 Healing w. Hanne Fritzbøger, Pranayama Breathing w. Yoga Mudra, Permaculture Course w. Kul Kul Farm as well as fundamentals in Ayurveda, Anti-inflammatory Foods, Low Tox lifestyle, and Natural Skincare.


Founder of – your guide to a green lifestyle. Keynote speaker on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, ‘how to declutter your home’, and ‘saving the plastic ocean’ (kids). Speaker and moderator on panels with topics such as ‘what is natural skincare´, ‘natural ways to kids’ health’, ‘stress and anxiety in children, and ‘how to restore hormonal imbalance’. Have hosted numerous workshops for kids – bootcamp, yoga, mindfulness, healthy cooking, and nature crafts.