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How did it start?

My life has been a continuous blend of adventure and challenges. As a journalist for many years, I embarked on global travels, immersing myself in diverse cultures while also embracing the role of a mother to three wonderful children.

These were incredible years, but my personal journey was punctuated by health obstacles, both physical and mental. These challenges compelled me to seek tools that would help me find a more harmonious balance in my personal life. What began as a hobby soon transformed into a professional endeavor when I established the lifestyle platform, orgayana, based in Singapore. The platform's mission was to educate and inspire the Asian community to lead healthier, but also more sustainable lives.


In the course of this work, my curiosity deepened regarding the intricate connection between personal well-being and our impact on the planet. This led me to further education and professional development, enabling me to guide individuals and companies in finding their inner sustainability and working with this from the inside and out.


My Approach

The method I use is based on the ancient concept of "koshas" and originates from ancient Indian philosophy, primarily associated with yoga and the Vedanta tradition. The word "kosha" itself is Sanskrit and translates to "sheath" or "layer" and is often described as a  representation of different dimensions of the 'self'. They provide a framework for understanding the different aspects of an individual's existence, including the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

As the logo shows, the layers are open and interlinked, as we are always working in all 5 to achieve inner sustainability and enable us to achieve connection to the outer.




Certified Yoga Teacher Trainer (200 hr) 

w. Briohny Smyth, Aligned Yoga, USA

Certified in Anti-inflammatory & Intelligent Food
w. Louise Bruun, Louise Bruun’s Academy, Denmark



Breathwork Instructor

w. Stig Severinsen,  Breatheology 


ICI Int. Certified Coach
w. Mitzi Svenstrup, Empowermind, Denmark


ICI Int. Certified Neurocoach and NeuroTrainer
w. Jørgen Svenstrup, Empowermind, Denmark


Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant

w. Maria Juhl & Kristine Swalethorp, NAYA, Denmark


Nature Therapist

w. Simon Høegmark & Sigurd Hartvig, ViNatur, Denmark


Green Educator
w. Green Educator Course Team, Green School, Bali Indonesia

+ Permaculture Course, w. Kul Kul Farm, Bali, Indonesia, Low-Tox course w. Low Tox Life, Australia & Herbalism Mentorship w. Little Green Dot, USA.


Head of Business Wellbeing & Sustainability at NAYA,

Founder of Orgayana, Keynote speaker with talks on  'How to live a sustainable lifestyle',  ‘How to declutter your home’,  and ‘Saving the plastic ocean’ (kids). Speaker and moderator on panels with topics such as ‘What is natural skincare',  ‘Natural ways to kids’ health’,   ‘Stress and anxiety in children, and ‘How to restore hormonal imbalance’.  Hosted numerous workshops for kids – Bootcamp, yoga, mindfulness, healthy cooking, and nature crafts.



Mini-MBA (IME, Singapore)
MA in Journalism & English (Roskilde University, Denmark)
BA (Hons) Communication & Media and Cultural Studies (Middlesex University, UK)

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