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What I offer

Perhaps you're a leader, who is looking to decrease stress levels personally or in the company? Or an employer who is finding that the work in 'work-life' balance is taking over? Whichever transformation you wish to apply to your mental or physical health, relations, home, work, or how you wish to act in the world around you, I can help you.

I do Workplace Wellbeing Programs for businesses, 1-1 neuro coaching sessions & consultations, as well as workshops and talks. I specialize in mental and physical health and the interaction between us and the planet, but I work with all challenges - nothing too small or too big. Please browse the site for options or feel free to book a call and we can customize your journey. 

Mathilde Moyell



In the coaching sessions, you have the answers and I ask the questions. Often this is the best way for you to truly reach your personal goal. Being a certified Int. Certifed ICI Neuro Coach, I  will implement the relevant tools into the session, for you to quickly move forward and take the necessary steps. 


In the consulting session – I will guide you on your health and/or sustainability journey. With certifications in neuro training, nutrition, yoga, sustainability, and Ayurveda, I will provide you with the tools and recipes to move forward in your relevant areas.


As an experienced speaker, I offer talks on a variety of topics ranging from mindset, health, and sustainability. My talks are interactive and engage the audience to use the inspiration given, actively.


I do workshops ranging from 2 hours to 3 days, depending on choice of topic. I have an interactive approach, where the audience try out tools, engage with other participants and leave with progressive resluts 

It has been a pleasure to be a client with Mathilde. Mathilde asks to the point questions that hits the spot every time. She is great at making sure you find the answers in yourself, so you get to really feel what is right and explain it with your own words. - Helle

  • C & C Package

    1 hour Neuro Coaching + 5 Hours Lifestyle Consulting
    Valid for 6 months
    • Save kr. 1.200 with this Coaching/Consulting Combo
  • Coaching Package

    5 Neuro Coaching Sessions + 1 Personalised Neuro Training
    Valid for 6 months
    • Save kr. 2.200 with this package
  • Consultation Package

    5 Health Consultation Sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • Get 1 introductory + 4 follow up sessions and save kr. 1.000
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