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What is the Inner Sustainability Framework

The Inner Sustainable Framework consists of 5 layers and works from the outside and in:


Building our physical health through nutrition, exercise, and the use of our senses


Using breathwork to bridge the mind and the body and circulate energy


Using neuro training and meditation to process sensory information and learning to be in charge of the mental and emotional processes


Learning to go beyond ordinary thinking and connect to your higher intellect to help make conscious choices


Using nature as your guide, enter a new awareness of yourself and the interconnection to our earth

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The Layers

The method I use is based on the ancient concept of "koshas" and originates from ancient Indian philosophy, primarily associated with yoga and the Vedanta tradition. The word "kosha" itself is Sanskrit and translates to "sheath" or "layer" and is often described as a  representation of different dimensions of the 'self'. They provide a framework for understanding the different aspects of an individual's existence, including the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

As depicted in the logo, these layers are interconnected and open, reflecting the interplay of all five to achieve internal harmony, and allowing us to establish a connection with the external world. Furthermore, these distinct layers symbolize the fundamental elements found in nature: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Ether. According to the age-old philosophy of Yoga and its holistic counterpart, Ayurveda, these elements are as integral to our being as they are to the natural world. In essence, we are an intrinsic part of nature, and our journey involves reconnecting with it, a process facilitated by these layers. If you're interested in delving deeper into this and the Inner Sustainability Framework, please click on the corresponding icons to explore talks or workshops.

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